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photo of virtual reality headset clipping - damage caused by rapid stimuli clipping - Aum cult

This clipping [fig above] is referring to the Aum Shinrikyo cult, responsible for the sarin gas subway attacks in Tokyo in 1995, killing 12. The fragment may have appeared in the Institute's files because Asahara Shoko, the group's leader, wielded the power of image in crafty ways and actively experimented with mind-control on his followers. Videos shown to young adepts portrayed Asahara flying on a horse in the clouds. Where this might have failed, wavelength apparatuses were placed on the heads of adepts in an attempt to bring their wavelengths closer to his own.

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prescription by doctor to watch Pinocchio once a day for a week

"This example of filmocology [see fig above] was carried out by an optometrist who worked with the Institute. Here is a prescription for a child who has developed a habit of compulsive lying. Though relatively ineffectual, this early work in filmocology helped to lay down the basic foundation of our work."
-- Joan Bishower

Since the dawn of civilizations, there have been many examples of cultural and/or ritual activities being used as therapy for various ailments etc. Film and other audio-visual vehicles are only the most recent enlistments. We can cite use of the lyre in ancient Greece to treat various ills or much later in the 1930's, a doctor by the name of William C. Menninger 'prescribed" specific fiction works to psychiatric patients (what some call 'bibliotherapy"). Filmocology of the 1970's was only part of a long history. Now filmocology continues under various titles: film therapy, filmrx, film alchemy, cinema therapy...(see links page)

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The Japanese cartoon "Pokemon" aka "Pocket Monster" sent hundreds into seizure during a sequence with flashing lights. This article [fig below}, and the institute's ensuing contact with Japanese specialists helped to advance their understanding of the ways that light-play affects us physically and mentally. They used accidental discoveries and various confirmed news items such as this one in order to further their research.

article - seizures caused by Pokemon cartoons article - seziures caused by Pokemon cartoons