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Robert Beck, known to have been cured of his shell shock in a mental institution by early 'silents.'

Notbored - Keeping an eye on the eye in the sky. Includes info on surveillance camera tours of NY.

Pokemon seizures - A simple explanation of the possible physiological effects of light strobing which includes some references of a few more comprehensive studies such as Pocket Monster incident and low luminance visual stimuli: Special reference to deep red flicker stimulation.

Video Brainwashing - A lengthy article on "soft brainwashing" concerning television watching by L. Wolfe. This is a good introduction to some of the psychological effects of audio-visual consumption.

Harry Smith (Senses of Cinema) - The portals Smith created with his alchemical abstractions.

Cinema Alchemy and Cinema Therapy - Dr. Birgit Wolz's work in 'cinematherapy" is a fascinating and innovative continuation of filmocology.

Article on Film Therapy - overview of 2000

Film therapy for Schizophrenics - Proven 'Therapeutic effect of comedy films on decreasing of depression of the schizophrenic patients" (mixed among other unrelated treatments/results)

A few people inspired to commit the crime or do a good deed after watching... - On "vampling", video-audio sampling, this "performed cinema" whose ramifications are as yet uncertain.

Bringing actors back to life. Is Hollywood gradually replacing real actors with digital ones? A few glimpses of what the industry is up to: